I-Core Interdisciplinary project on complex systems, resilience, and vulnerability

The debate on the nature of complex systems, their functioning and fragile aspects, plays a crucial part in contemporary theoretical reflections, both in philosophy and in the sciences. Starting from an interdisciplinary analysis of the notions of robustness, resilience and vulnerability (and of a family of related notions, such as stability, variability, adjustment and compensation), the research group intends to investigate the implications of various approaches to complex systems, especially with respect to different kinds of crises and ruptures. The project will thus: 1) discuss and compare different approaches to complex systems (cognitive, social, political and economic ones) and build a trans-disciplinary toolbox at the crossroad of epistemology and philosophy of science, economics and political sciences, neuropsychiatry and epidemiology, in order to identify the different underlying theoretical frameworks and their conceptual intersections; 2) enquiry on the mutual relations connecting different kinds of systems, and investigate how such relations impact on ruptures and on strategies of intervention to re-establish previous behaviours of the systems at stake. The research group has a very strong interdisciplinary character and aims to integrate expertise from scholars in philosophy of science, economics, organization analysis, cognitive science, neuropsychiatry and epidemiology (segue) ... I-Core: interconnectivity and resilience