Towards a right to health without borders: interdisciplinary approaches for social change.

Global Health
8 Lug 2014

Dall' 8 al 18 agosto 2014 a Izmir (Turkey) RHEACH organizza la Summer School "Towards a right to health without borders Interdisciplinary approaches for social change".
RHEACH è la sigla di un'iniziativa formativa congiunta di nove istituzione europee di Alta formazione, finanziata da the European Commission Erasmus Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP-IP). Il corso atribuisce 6 crediti formativi all'Università di Bologna.
Contenuti del Corso:
"Globalisation and global movement of people represent complex processes tightly interconnected and exacerbated by the economic crisis that is currently affecting and deeply transforming Europe. Furthermore, the policies developed as a response to the crisis are weakening the welfare state, putting under threat the enforceability of the right to health (also) through a deterioration of other human rights and the increase in economic, social and health inequalities affecting in particular the most marginalised groups, including migrants. Starting from a shared perspective on the social responsibilities of universities, which includes knowledge production and action, the RHEACH interdisciplinary programme will provide students with theoretical content, analytical tools and practical experience for critically engaging with the on-going global processes and their impact on three main axes: 1) human rights, 2) health and welfare policies and 3) the movement of people".