Key Concepts in Neuroimmunology. A dialogue between Philosophers and Scientists

19 Mar 2018

Segnaliamo il Workshop "Key Concepts in Neuroimmunology. A dialogue between Philosophers and Scientists" che si terrà il 19 marzo prossimo a Bordeaux. Il Workshop è organizzato da PhilInBioMed, istituzione interdisciplinare all'interno dell'Università di Bordeaux (Francia) che svolge altresì la funzione di network internazionale per gruppi e istituti che operano a cavallo tra filosofia, biologia e medicina allo scopo di trasformare la ricerca e la pratica scientifica.
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"The questions raised by this workshop will include: What is the benefit for biology and medicine to think in terms of (psycho)neuroimmunology in comparison with its constituting disciplines, namely immunology, neurobiology, and psychology? At what level(s) of analysis (organism, organ, cell, and molecule) are neuroimmunology and psychoneuroimmunology most powerful in explaining health and disease? What does it mean for the central nervous system to be immune-privileged and can other nervous systems or organs be qualified in the same way? How important are biological barriers (blood-brain barrier, gut barrier, etc.) and biological compartments (brain parenchyma, meninges, gut lumen, peritoneal cavity) in constraining or favoring neuroimmune interactions? Does neuroimmunology account better for the organism’s capacity to maintain its integrity than neuroscience and immunology? What are the implications and what can be the impact of some (psycho)neuroimmunological research findings for other fields of biology and medicine, and more generally for philosophical and social issues?""