Humana-Mente. Journal of philosophical Studies

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Humana-Mente, ETS, 2007- Journal ISSN: 1972-1293

Humana.Mente is a peer-reviewed biannual forum for theoretical and meta-theoretical analysis in philosophy. The journal focuses on the emergent themes at the centre of the philosophical debate. Its principal aim is to foster theoretical dialogue and innovation within the discipline, serving an integrative role for all of those concerned with the evolution of contemporary philosophy.
"Technology is playing an increasingly larger role in biological research and investigation. We are building ever more sophisticated experimental systems which can sample data at rates well beyond anything possible using traditional methods. To analyse this data computational systems do the bulk of the work. Mathematical and computational modelling methods are being applied to large scale systems. These methods can perform analysis and derive information from such systems even with only incomplete information and partial pictures of networks, which is beyond the powers of what experimental work, or indeed ordinary unaided human cognition, could itself achieve. ... "

Marta Bertolaso

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