Essential philosophy of psychiatry

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Oxford : Oxford university press, 2010

A primer in the burgeoning field of philosophy and psychiatry, laying out the essentials for those new to the area in clear, accessible language. Written by a leading figure in the field, and co-author of the Oxford Textbook of Philosophy and Psychiatry. Provides an overview of the key themes concerning the role values, meanings, and scientific facts play in psychiatric diagnosis enabling the reader to form an understanding of this growing field
Contains a philosophical glossary to assist the reader unfamiliar with this area, along with guides to further reading to enhance their understanding
In recent years there has been a major move within psychiatry to foster a deeper understanding of the conceptual underpinnings of mental health. This new approach has drawn in equal measure on both the humanities and medicine. Essential Philosophy if Psychiatry is both an introduction to, and a summary of a rapidly growing field. It is the first concise introduction to what is a contested field, written by one of the people driving it forward.
Because recent philosophy of psychiatry has drawn from moral philosophy, the philosophy of mind and language, and the philosophy of science, it is difficult to get a clear overview of the field. This book does just that. It is divided into three parts: Values, Meanings and Facts. In addition, there is a short chapter of conclusions, a glossary of philosophical terms and a guide to further reading.
For anyone looking for an accessible, undaunting introduction to this field, this is the essential text.Readership: Psychiatrists and philosophers.